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HerpMapper Uganda is a citizen science project of Elgon Wildlife Conservation Organization designed to gather and share information about amphibian and reptile observations across Uganda.

Using HerpMapper, you can create records of your herp observations( Frogs, Toads, Snakes, Lizards, Tortoise )and keep them all in one place by submitting your observations or images in turn, your data is made available to HerpMapper Partners /groups who use recorded observations for raising conservation awareness, research, conservation, and preservation purposes.

Your observations can make valuable contributions on the behalf of amphibians and reptiles. The goal of HerpMapper Uganda is to Map amphibian and reptile distributions through time in Uganda Task is to Collect amphibian and reptile observations submitted through photos taken from anywhere in Uganda and global 


  • To submit your observations upload Vouchers that should be images or audio files of the actual animal observed and not photos from other observations or Google Images.
  • Use the form below to upload your photos and all relevant information as indicated in the sections

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